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Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost....

Matthew 28:19

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Very Valuable

Your soul is very valuable to the Lord

He paid a price you could not afford

The things He wants to give you the carnal mind can’t comprehend

Don’t wait to seek His word, now is the time to enter in

Find your reserved place in Him and receive satisfaction in your soul

Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you and you will be made whole


Precious are the thoughts your Father thinks towards you

His plans are to prosper you and give you strength to make it through

Receive a fresh dose of the Holy Ghost so you can make an impact from coast to coast

You are predestined to have eternal-life only the devil is predestined to roast

He wants to give you revelation for a new millennium generation

To reach your nation you will need divine dedication


Only faith pleases the Most High

If you obey His word you will learn how to fly

The Father wants you to seek Him with all your might

Without Him you are in darkness, only His word will put you in the light

To receive the things of Him your pride has to be poor

How great are those treasures that He has for you in store


He died for you because you were worth it

When you fully receive Him the devil will get mad and have a fit

Stay focused on God and always give Him the praise

Don’t worry about where you are now it’s just a phase

He wants to take you through the fire so you can come out pure as gold

For He called you to be hot – not lukewarm or cold


If you don’t renew your mind you will continue to decline

Only the enemy wants to keep you from being genuine

Jesus came not to condemn but to save sinners

He came to take fallen men from beginners to soul winners

He values you so much; He wants your soul to feel His touch

He wants to rule and reign over the enemy in your life

Learn of Him and He’ll take away your pain and strife


By Ty Smith Copyright © 2003








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