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Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost....

Matthew 28:19


Most Valuable People

You are apart of the solution and not the problem!!! You are a leader destined to make an IMPACT in this WORLD!!!

Suggestions for young men and women ages


1. Knowledge is Power!!! Pray and READ your Bible everyday, and read anything else that's positive.

2. Obey your Parents.

3. Write down your short-term and long term goals and write down occupations you are interested in researching.

4. Aim to make A's in EVERY CLASS especially MATH, SCIENCE, and ENGLISH/READING.

5. Prepare for the A.C.T. and S.A.T. tests before your Junior year in High School!!!

6. Consult with you teachers on how you can improve your grades!!!

7. Stay away from Gangs, Drugs, and Violence!!! Associate yourself with POSITIVE PEOPLE!!!

8. Get involved in school clubs/athletics/community events

9. Approach each day with a GREAT ATTITUDE!!!

10. Enjoy your youth it won't last long....

Suggestions for Adults ages 18 and up...

1. PRAY and Read your Bible! Joshua 1:8, Matthew 6:33, 2 Timothy 2:15

2. Be an EXAMPLE to those younger than you!!! Let your LIGHT SHINE, Matthew 5:16. You are the SALT of the EARTH Matthew 5:13

3. Take advantage of every opportunity to further your education!!! Write down your short-term and long term goals, pray over them and check them monthly/quarterly.

4. Sow your Time, Money and Talents into the Kingdom. you will reap what you Sow!!!

5. Learn how to budget your FINANCES based upon your income and not someone else's!!!

6. Associate with people who are Positive and Productive!!!

7. Stay away from NEGATIVE PEOPLE who want to hinder your progress!!

8. Good ideas don't have legs.... Faith without works is DEAD...WORK what God Gave You!!!

9. If you choose to get married, Marry a Life Partner who will support you through the thick and thin, good and bad....SUNSHINE AND RAIN!!!

10. Men.... when you act like a King you are ready for a Queen!!

Ladies.... when you act like a Queen God will send you a King!!!

By applying these simple principles to our lives WE can ADD KINGDOM VALUE to our society. Matthew 6:33!!!


Ty Smith M.Ed

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